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Welcome to my site!

To all my existing clients, friends and colleagues, a warm thank you! To people who don't know me yet, I'm a pediatrician practicing in Bangalore for the last 24 years. More details about me can be found in the next page. Here I would like to say that I'm a person who believes that we doctors should keep up with technological advances, and use all possible resources and inputs available to improve the quality of care that we provide our patients.

I have always tried to keep abreast of all the latest advances in all fields, and if possible, implement them in my practice. In fact this website has been completely designed and created by me, with help from the internet, and my family; and the fact that I, who started out quite technologically challenged, could do it on my own has given me immense satisfaction. Any suggestions and tips on improving this website are always welcome, as are your comments and observations. I hope this website helps me to reach out to more and more people, and improve the quality of childcare provided by me.




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